Why to choose Armenia…

“If you ask me:
-Where may I meet most of miracles in the world;
“ fisrt of all I’ll answer ……


Let’s discover Armenia “Noah’s land” with us…

  1. Mount Ararat where Noah’s Ark have been landed on, becouse of it our land calls ‘’Noah’s land’’
  2. Armenian brandy /wine,vodka/
  3. Armenian kitchen – traditional BBQ , dolma, khashlama, harisa, khash, gata, pakhlava
  4. Armenian traditional lavash
  5. Armenian fruites – apricot, pomegranate, grapes, peach, tute, fig
  6. Medical Waters
  7. Fresh air
  8. Armenian traditional musical instrument “DUDUK”
  9. Armenian national songs and dance
  10. The relics of Christian Saints and the “St. Lance” which is in “Echmiadzin”
  11. Armenian ancient manuscripts
  12. Armenian “Cross-stones”
  13. Armenian flora and fauna
  14. Cultural and religious monuments, ancient monasteries, churches, monuments / V – XXII/
  15. In peaceful nights you can walk in the streets of Yerevan
  16. Nice and kind ARMENIAN PEOPLE
Now you can choose your way to ARMENIA…